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tangible time

“Revisiting an archive of choreographed movement and testing it in my postpartum body— a body that is not “in shape” in a familiar way. I am visiting movement that has been shaped, studied, and embodied in the past. Bringing that memory to the present. It feels vulnerable, but also necessary to ask the community to support through witnessing what it means to be a mother and mover.”

- rebeca medina (transcribed by Tatyana while rebeca was  breastfeeding Amiel, 4 months)

Solo presented at Center For Performance Research

Brooklyn, December 2021

jardín salvaje

jardin salvaje is practice. It is a tool to be used to think, create, and play with alternative pasts, presents and futures. Observing non-human beings such as animals, but most of all plants, offers an entry point into navigating a web of multi-species relationships. This work aims to trace human interactions with plants and animals. Questioning the nature/culture division.

this work was developed at PASS residency at Snug Harbor 2020.

In collaboration with Mor Mendel, Tatyana Tenembaum

silvestres y salvajes 

silvestres y salvajes

Creaban un estado común entre los espectadores porque no quedaba más remedio que esperar juntos a que algo sucediera, mirarnos mirar, escucharnos respirar. Ya estaba sucediendo de todo en esa quietud, en los ojos que no podíamos ver de Sofía y de Rebeca, porque estaban hechas ovillos, y en los ojos de Mateo que podíamos ver, pero que permanecían cerrados. Se trataba solo de estar ahí compartiendo el tiempo, la respiración visible e inaudible contra la pared. Ese fue el primer momento extenso para llegar, para contemplar a cada uno fundiéndose con el  espacio, haciéndose planta, bicho o fuego.


This work was developed during a residency at Los Funanbulos Theater in Bogotá, Colombia in 2018. In collaboration with Sofia Mejia, Mateo Mejia, Jorge Zárate (sound) and Eduardo Oramas (lights).

GES_8249 copy.jpg

"Medina’s paradise seems to push against any striving for perfection to acknowledge the messiness in getting there. Paradise is a way to capture an ideal state and, in doing so, reveals how envisioning such a place is a privilege of imagination. Paraíso gives us permission to imagine that place, even if for a brief time.  Tara Sheena" - The Brooklyn Rail

Choreography and Direction: rebeca medina

Text: Alex Borinsky

Performers: Carly Czach, Molly Schaffner and Juanita Barrera

Visual Artist: Jodi Connelly

Sound designer: John Stanesco

Lights designer: Fred Hatt

Costumes: Tatyana Tenenbaum

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