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My artistic practice exists at the intersection of improvisation, weaving and nature. It questions what dance can and should address. As an artist, I am interested in nature, plants and animals. The work I create arises from nature's relationship with space, materials, weaving, sound, light, and the movement of the body. I am in a continuous practice of training myself to awaken instincts, identify desires, recognize them and let them be, as animals and plants do. Not to anticipate the right moment. Not to get ahead of myself, not to give myself away. I am researching the connection between the ancestral whispers I hear while weaving and the slow and precise movements of observing and caring for plants. My creative process is an exercise of embodying the foreign, the non-human. It is a practice of being in irrepressible bodies, bodies that not only move in space, but grow, deform and provoke changes in the spaces around them.

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