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My artistic practice is based on non-formal dance and visual arts education, as well as my anthropological background. It insists on the importance of challenging what dance can and should address. As an artist, activist and human I am interested in nature, in plants and animals. The work I create emerges from its relationship with nature, space, sound and light with the movement of the body from the fundamental idea of training ourselves to awaken instincts, identify desires, to recognize them and let them be. I am training myself to respond in the present as animals and plants do. To not anticipate the right moment. To not get ahead of myself, to not give myself away. I am researching slow, precise movement based on an ongoing practice of building an ethnography of plants. My creative process is an exercise in the embodiment of the foreign, that which is not human. It is a practice of being in irrepressible bodies, bodies that move not only in space, but which grow, which are deformed, and which cause change in the spaces around them.

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